Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Daddy-Time v/s Mommy -Time

We all need to have time with our children - I'm talking well spent, quality time. On the contrary, we need time to ourselves, BY ourselves too! Last night, was one of those times for all of us.

DADDY-TIME: On Friday, my husband got a phone call from a dear friend, telling him he was given four tickets to last night's White Sox v/s Red Sox Baseball game at Cellular Field in Chicago - two rows up from the White Sox dug out - did he and Jacob want to go? 'Nuff said!

My loving husband, the caring person he is, didn't want me to feel bad about staying home alone. (are you kidding? I relish these moments!) I told him to go...enjoy...have a GREAT time with your son - add to that "museum of memories" that we consistently try to create for him. As a devoted (and excited!) father, he left work early, got a backpack packed, grabbed Jacob and hit the skyway! Now, since Friday, Jacob has only known that he and daddy were going to do something special together - at this point in the car, he still didn't know for sure where he was headed.

Surprise!! Talk about one excited little boy! His first major league baseball game (that he can remember) AND first White Sox Game! Well, they ended up getting there a bit early, but that just added to the excitement. Good thing they WERE there early because as they were waiting, a limo pulled up and out walked Billy Dee Williams (Lando Calrissian), actor from Return of the Jedi (amongst many other flicks). He was there to throw out the ceremonial first pitch. Kurt & Jacob walked right up to him and got to shake his hand! What an added surprise that was - oohh, just wait...it keeps getting better.

They finally got into the park, ate a hot dog "as big as your head," (according to Jacob) and there was Nick Swisher signing autographs - and holding babies and all of the other fun things great baseball players do. Anyway, he signs Jacob's baseball glove (now we have to buy another one before next season) and Kurt's ticket stub! Pretty cool for Sox Fans right? Well now, batting practice starts to wrap up - as Jermaine Dye jogs in, Kurt nods to him, he nods back and the next thing they knew - Dye tossed both of his batting gloves up to Jacob - complete with pine tar and sweat! Ahhh, can't beat the smell of schweatty leather, now can ya?

Not enough for you? Can't stand the excitement? Jacob ALSO got chosen to run around on top of the Sox dug out and throw t-shirts out to the crowd - along with getting to bring one home for himself!

After the game, just to wrap things up, Jim Thome tossed a brand new, major league practice baseball up to Jacob. For having free tickets, he sure came home with a lot of stuff - and more precious than that, a lot of great, Daddy-time memories.

MOMMY-TIME: "Wow! It's only two in the afternoon and I'm going to be by my-SELF until midnight tonight - what should I do? I don't know what to do! I don't even have to cook dinner! Hmm..I know. I think I'll drive BY MYSELF over to JC Penny - WITH the windows down
...and the radio turned up really loud."

MOMMY-TIME WRAPPED UP IN ONE SENTENCE: Got a $49 purse for $3.19 and a $7.00 Gyro plate, complete with fries and a pickle.

Good Times.


~michelle pendergrass said...

Okay, we talked about everything else but you did.not.tell.me. about the purse!!!

It's cool!

Toni said...

I have to leave SOMETHING up for surprise ya know ;)

Probably not something I would've normally picked out - but I wanted to step out of the box a little and loved the vintage fabric look :)

$49, marked to $21.99 with 40% off that, plus a $10 mailer q - heck for $3.19 I'd step WAY out of the box!

I like it :)

ppdesigns said...

wow your son must have had an awesome time - running around on the dugout and getting to meet so many ppl!

my husband went to his first baseball game a few months ago (baseball isnt huge here for us) and he was prob just as excited as you little boy only double his age!! :)

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