Monday, April 14, 2008

Project Yellow: Take 3

"Peeking Spring"

Finally, a bit of morning sunshine today. With camera in hand and dog by my side, I decided to stroll outside in search of a shot for this yellow adventure. Might I say...DIFFICULT? Yes, I could photograph an everyday item with an everyday view - but that was not what I was looking for. At first, I was having a love/hate battle with the sunlight; loving it for being out, hating it for casting shadows of my camera and hands wherever I was shooting. In the end, the love won with appreciation for the flower shadows against the brick wall.

For more participants, see Anna's site!


Michelle Pendergrass said...

Mine aren't yellow yet!!!

Robin said...

I like the dimension the shadow adds (but I know what you're talkin' about when you don't "want" it to be part of your composition).

Fun caption for a cheerful entry for PY. Can't wait to see what Anna comes up with next!



Toni said...

Michelle - mine are in direct sun, I think that helps :)

Robin - Don't get me wrong, I like the flower shadows, I just didn't want the shadows of my hands and camera covering the shot :) I can't wait for the next project idea either!

Robert said...

Hard work and patience pays off! A very nice capture. I love the brick background for the yellow flowers. I'm glad you challenged yourself to try to get something without an "everyday view." Once again, great work!

Carletta said...

I like this a lot - the brick, the shadows - great job!
I seemed to have missed your previous post - I love the guitar!

Karen said...

Very nice! Love the shadows too!!

Anna said...