Friday, December 19, 2008

Ice, Ice & More Ice

For those who have never experienced an ice storm, here is a little glimpse of what we woke up to this morning - here in Northwest Indiana. The photos have not been touched up nor have they been turned black and white - shows just how colorless our world is today. Beautiful from the inside - dangerous on the outside.

For those of you following on Twitter, here is my poor tree situation. Here is the tree after the top snapped off.

Here is the tree after the right side fell - squashing the apple tree and pulling down the power lines (see it laying on the ground?) Fortunately, we still have power, but our inlet broke away from the house cracking the siding.

And see this looming over the garage - we're keeping a VERY close eye on it. We've pulled our cars out of the garage *just* in case.

I almost feel sorta, kinda bad. All summer, Kurt was talking about having this tree cut down. I kept saying no, no, no! I fought to keep it alive because I just couldn't imagine how bare the yard would've been without it. Now - it's a huge threat. Whatta ya gonna do?


~michelle pendergrass said...

Go look at my photos and look at how our minds work. We have almost the same shots!!!!

Heather said...

love the frozen berries

Toni said...

Mich - yes! ya know what they say about great minds!

Heather - thanks! the one that looks black & white is my fav :)Did u get ice like this?

Mothering4Money said...

These are absolutely beautiful pictures! The x crossed branches and the mailbox ones are my favorite. Looks cold though, Brrr. Keep warm

dianne - bunny trails said...

These are stunning pix! It's too bad that some brought destruction. I love the second and third. Also the berries.