Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Party '08

Any homeschoolers out there having an Election Party?


As the results are coming in, Jacob is coloring his own results poster - and really having a blast with it! He was pretty thrilled to see them doing the same thing on tv at the Rockefeller Ice Rink.

In between stated results, we've been reading about funny presidential firsts - like Harrison being the first in the White House to get shocked, Nixon being the first to visit all 50 states and the first to China, Adams being the first to move into the "President's House", while the plaster walls were still wet!

We also wanted to make some Election Snacks, but since we had dinner late, we decided to just think of funny food names instead. With the given names, we are having a hard time. So far, we've come up with Palin-ini (Panini), Long John McCains (donuts), Palin-cakes (pancakes), Take a Biden of my Cake and for us, teachers, the Barack-a-tini (heh heh). Well, too late for snacks... but maybe not for the Barack-a-tini.

So many fun things to do - what are you doing?
Oh, and don't forget to let your kids vote online HERE!

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Hey Harriet said...

The election party sounds like it was fun & a nice way to get the kids interested. Hope you enjoyed your Barack-a-tinis :D