Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday: Where's That Recipe?

Okay. So I'm an OVER organizer.

This has been driving me nuts for a LONG time (not the over organizing, but the project.)

For a few years now, I have developed this "pile/card box/mess" of recipes that people have given me or I've printed out. I kept telling myself that someday...just someday, I'll have them all nice and neat and organized so that I can find what I need, when I want it. In going through them, I have found that I have printed several of them MORE than once, because I thought they were "lost." Well...they were...sort of. Anyway, today is someday. I've decided to type in and print out all of these orphan recipes and put them in that nice little binder.

This is the pile before...

And here is after. It's still a work in progress, but it's really going faster than I had originally thought. It's nothing fancy like all of you scrapbookers might do - but it's organized and will look much nicer on the shelf than a pile of a zillion papers.

Sometimes I take pictures of the finished recipes, so I plan to put the photos in there as well. There's even a tab for my son and husband's recipes! You know, it looks real nice and neat and all - but it really has no character. In talking with my aunt today - we decided that it's nice to have some sort of central location for all of the recipes, but you just lose something in the whole process. You no longer have the recipe reference of "the one on the yellow paper" or "the recipe with cake batter on it." Some of these little cards I've had for a LONG time and have been well enjoyed many, many times.

I think I'm having card attachment issues.

So, in the end, I'll be pleased when this project is done...

but I think on the back of each page, I'll attach the original little handwritten cards...you know...the ones with the grease stains?

What else are people tackling today at 5 Minutes For Mom?

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~michelle pendergrass said...

Y'know. Sometimes I ignore things. Like my recipes. And I like the messy ones.

Though, I blame you because I know every time I get a recipe down I'll have that nagging voice telling me how I really need to organize the recipes. LOL