Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Shopping Adventures of Cheapo McFrugalpants

Oh my goodness Cheapo! You've found awesome bargains at places other than CVS! Amazing how you can save so much money, week after week. *cheesy smile, nods heads, thumbs up, CHING*
Christmas is coming Cheapo, we sure hope you'll be ready!
Can you tell us what you found today?

Bath & Body Works
Looks like Cheapo has jump started on Christmas gifts!

Bath & Body Price: $34.24
Cheapo's OPP (that's Out Of Pocket to you and me): $12.84
Coupons Used: Free 2 oz. product (mailer)
Free Signature Collection Item when spending $10.00 (internet printable)
Received at register: 3 more coupons to use next time
Total Savings: $21.40
***Tip*** Have the cashier do separate transactions for multiple coupons

KMartHey's double coupon week at Kmart! Check the internet to see if your local store is doubling - they will 2x up to $2.00! Though, poor Cheapo. *frowns, one lonely tear slides down cheek* She went through 1/2 hour of coupon hell trying to get a deal. But, her hard work paid off. *quick smile*

KMart Price: $75.13
Cheapo's OOP: $10.39
Coupons Used: MANY Sunday Q's and Mailers
They will not double internet printables
Also, be sure to print out your $5/$50 Q on the Kmart website!
Total Savings: $64.74
***Tip*** Watch your register VERY carefully!!!

Starbucks and Bed, Bath & Beyond
Cheapo!! Are you snob? *nods exaggeratedly* You bought coffee PRICE?!? *Nods exaggeratedly*

1 lb. Starbucks Anniversary Blend Whole Bean Price: $13.65

Oohh...a nice coffee grinder too? But, not without a coupon I suppose!
Bed, Bath & Beyond Price: $53.49
Cheapo's OOP: $42.79
Coupons Used: $10.00 off $30.00 mailer
Total Savings: $10.70
***Tip*** Never buy full price at BB&B - they always offer Q's

Are you all ready for the big savings of the day???

JC Penny
19 items here folks! In the boy's section - all green tag items were $.97 - buy one get the 2nd half off! That's $.72 PER ITEM!!!

JC Penny Price: $462.14
Cheapo's OOP: $4.30
Coupons Used: $10.00 off of $10.00 mailer
Total Savings: $457.84

Retail Total of the Day: $638.65
Cheapo's Total of the Day: $83.97
Total Savings...*drum rolls fingers*: $554.68

Stay tuned for more Shopping Adventures.


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I have to take pictures of my day!


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