Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday: The Pickle Mishap

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Here it is, my first Tackle It Tuesday. By joining in on this Tuesday activity, you are supposed to be able to "make housework blog-able." We'll try anything when it comes to cleaning house, right? Well, I suppose it's really all about accountability - and we could all use a little of that here or there in our lives.

I had to think long and hard about what I wanted to "tackle" today. I'm a rather organized person by nature, so many of the, so called, little things around the house are mainly kept up or done (except for my home school room - which is a total mess in the basement, but Jake had piano lessons today and it was just too big of a project to be interrupted - nice excuse, right?) I recently cleaned my closet, just organized a bathroom cabinet and am almost finished re-doing a guest room....hmmm. I know! I think I'll create a huge mess in the kitchen JUST as I'm about to leave for work! Yeah! That's IT! *rolls eyes*

Let me explain - over the weekend, my husband and I did a lot of canning and preserving of pickles and jelly. We had some bread and butter pickle brine leftover, so we decided to slice up the leftover cukes and put them in the fridge. Enough was made to fill two Tupperware containers full of the sweet & sour goodies. Long story, short - the tops to the containers wouldn't seal properly so they kept popping up a bit - Kurt was concerned - I said they would be fine, just put them in the fridge. So, there they stacked and we were proud. Until this morning, when the popped up lid stuck to the bottom of the lunch meat drawer - I opened the drawer and guess what? Yup! All of those little thin slices along with the lava syrup flung all over the floor, all over my legs and all over my clothes - and I needed to be at work in about one minute.

Remember those old cartoons where the characters would get mad and the tops of their heads would pop off and steam would roll out of their ears? That was me. No, seriously. I should have taken a picture. My short, long story even shorter, the kitchen was a mess and the floor was so sticky, I believe it exfoliated my feet (no need for a foot grater now, right?) So, there is my Tackle It Tuesday - cleaning the kitchen and scrubbing the floor - THREE TIMES.

Before and After - See the dog there? - He's stuck to the floor. (no, not really hehe)


Shelley said...

Honey, if my before pictures looked that good, there'd never be any after pics. And canning too? Well, someday I won't have 5 small kids running around wreaking havoc all day everyday, right?

Great job on your first Tackle it Tuesday!! I did my second today!

Kelli said...

Great first tackle!!! Cute dog too. :)

Michelle Pendergrass said...

I'm with Shelley there, your before pictures are what I aspire my after pictures to come close to! LOL

I laughed at the dog stuck to the floor and the cheese grater comment! You need to link to that post in that sentence.

Extraordinary Ordinary Life said...

I would have to agree that the before pictures look pretty good. And, hello, to a fellow Hoosier!