Monday, August 25, 2008

The Shopping Adventures of Cheapo McFrugalpants

"Hello, My name is Cheapo and I'm addicted to free.

Oh boy! Look at all of those great CVS deals this week! Cheapo is almost overwhelmed with saving money. Let's many trips can she make THIS week?
Tell us McFrug!

Monday's Trip

Kotex Pantyliners - $1.49 - $1.00 Printable Q - $1.49 ECB
Ivory Soap 3 pk - $1.39 (using as a filler)
2 Zipfizz energy powders - $11.98 - $11.98 ECB
CVS hand soap - $.79 - $2.00 Printable CVS Skincare Q
(Don't look now kids, but the hand soap is on sale for only $.79 this week!)

Cheapo paid with Q's, 2 prior $5.00 ECB's and a printable $2/$10 CVS Q - after all of that, she only had to fork over $.77 cash! Now that's a deal! *ching - gives thumbs up sign*

Bonus! Bonus! She received $13.47 in ECB's back! Woo hoo!

Tuesday's Trip

CVS Handsoap - $.79 - $2.00 Printable CVS Q
Ivory 3 pk. - $1.39 - .$25 Sunday Q - $1.00 ECB
Sobe Lifewater - $1.00
Welch's Grape Juice - $1.49
Playtex Sport - $4.99 - $3.00 ECB

With Q's, CVS Printable $2/$10 and $5.00 worth of prior ECB's, she only paid $.41 cash...WITH $4.00 ECB's back.
What a deal Cheapo...what a deal.

Cheapo has been disappointed this week that her CVS doesn't carry some of the sale items advertised, but she made do. The Sobe and the Welch's are being used to "set up" another trip for ECB's.

Wednesday - the quickest trip EVER!

Welch's Grape Juice - $1.49 - $1.00 ECB (on 2)
2 40 ct. O.B. - $9.00 - 2 $1.50 Printable Q's - $5.00 ECB

After giving up Q's, printable CVS $2/10 Q and $5.00 prior ECB's, it only cost cheapo $.87 with $6.00 ECB back! She'll be doing this same transaction again tomorrow.

Double Trip on Thursday
(Cheapo is setting a record on how many times she can show her face in a CVS this week.)

Welch's Grape/Peach Juice - $1.49
2 40 ct. O.B. - $9.00 - 2 $1.50 Printable Q's - $5.00 ECB
CVS Hand Soap - $.79 - $2.00 Printable CVS Q
2 pks. Extra Gum - $2.38 - BOGOF Sunday Coupon

Cheapo paid $.69 cash after giving Q's, $2.00/$10 Printable CVS Q and $5.00 prior ECB - she got a $5.00 ECB back!

Hmm...ANOTHER Store on Thursday
(ya know...just by driving along)

3 Welch's juices - $4.47 - $2.00 ECB
Tampax Pearl - $4.00 - $1.00 Mailer Q - $2.00 ECB (on 2)
Tampax Compak Pearl - $4.00 - $1.50 Mailer Q
CVS Hand Soap - $.79 - $2.00 Printable CVS Q

Cash this time? Only $.76! Cheapo gave the Q's, the $2/$10 Printable Q and $6.00 prior ECB's and received $4.00 ECB back.

Be sure to check back to see what else Cheapo may find in her "Shopping Adventures."


Hey Harriet said...

Haha. You're too funny! Well Cheapo McFrugalpants, you're welcome to do my shopping anytime you like! I love a bargain but don't like spending time looking for them. I'm in & out of the grocery store as quick as can be. Ramming people with my trolley in my hurry to get it all over with ;)

~michelle pendergrass said...

I'm so bad. If I have to pay more than a dollar I'm stressed. LOL

M.Kate said...

Hello there, tks for the comment and the tip and link :D

Well...too bad, we dont have el-cheapo here, they can come anytime.

have a great week and see you during SSS i guess :D

Elizabeth said...

Sign me up as a fellow cheapskate - my big economy is diluting and swishing the shampoo bottles and dishwashing bottles.
How can people possibly throw things away......
you should see my toothpaste tubes......
but I buy only the brands I want - but use them frugally!!!
All best wishes from New York