Sunday, August 17, 2008

Shadow Shot Sunday: #3 For Me

I'm not sure what is scarier.

Waking up to this:

Or this:

We apparently have a nice leak in our Spanish tile roof. In a few more years, our house will turn 100 years old - and we really weren't ready to remodel our bedroom yet (despite trying to live with the ugly wall paint.)

Guess what number 1,542 is on the honey-do list?

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Annette said...

Please, please, tell me that is not real!! Spiders are my fear, this would give me nightmares for days!!!eek! Great shot though well done. Hope the leak isn't too bad. Thanks for stopping by, i'm glad you liked the bee photos, i was intrigued with how much pollen they carry, its the first time i have looked at them so close up. Have a great day. Annette :0)

Toni said...

Annette - no, it's not real. It was one of my son's fake spiders stuck in the window. Was going to save it for Halloween time but just couldn't resist. LOL

The leak happened during a storm that dumped 4" of rain - I think that had a little something to do with it. Unfortunately, Spanish tile isn't common in my area so we have to do a bit of phone calling to see if we can get someone to come out. :/

Thanks for visiting!

Sweet Repose said...

GROSSSSSS...I have been taking pictures of the garden spideys around the house, hoping to catch a really cool shot...but they gross me out so bad...I just can't post them...eeeewwwww!!! But you caught a cool one.

Ah, the joys of living in hundred year homes. Me and the dog went to bed one night, snuggled in and heard all this stuff falling off the bed...a 1'by3'chunk of plaster fell off the lath on the ceiling onto the bed. I liked the look of the so much I left it, it suits me and my lil' pink shack (I mean palace).


Sandra Ree said...

Your shadow shot reminds me of the post I did a couple of days ago. My spider was that big! :) Great shot!

So sorry about your leak, that's the only way I get anything done around here, when something goes wrong!

Hey Harriet said...

Eeeeeek! I hate spiders! I thought it was an odd looking spider & discovered here in your comments it's a fake. Phew! Great idea for a photo & a cool shot!

A leak in your roof? The joys of old style houses eh? They still have loads more character & charm than newbie homes though! :)

Gina said...

Yowzas! Tricked me.. those pincers (or whatever they're called!) look pretty savage!.. A creepy but cool SS!... and best of luck with your to-do list! :D

~michelle pendergrass said...

Posts like that should come with a warning: MICHELLE--DO NOT COME VISIT MY BLOG TODAY. I totally refuse to compliment that shadow shot!! LOL (Although I took a picture of a spider this weekend) But I was prepared. And I wasn't when I clicked over here.

Well. My heart's pumping now, that's for sure.

And man, sorry about the leak. Can't anything ever just go, y'know, smooth for awhile?

Chrisss said...

I would be terrified to wake up to the sight of that spider...ahhhhh!

Anonymous said...

Oh, wow! They're BOTH scary. Really cool photo of the spider, though. Good luck with fixing the leak.

Greyscale Territory said...

For me, both shots are equally scary! I couldn't deal with either! I'd be seeking help on both fronts! FAST!

Great pics!

M.Kate said...

Looks like my kid's fake spidey haha..btw, your blog layout is awesome, how did you do it?