Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Shopping Adventures of Cheapo McFrugalpants

"Hi, My name is Cheapo and I am addicted to free."

It all started back in February of 2008 when Cheapo McFrugalpants was introduced to the "CVS Game" by her friend, Michelle. Ever since then, Cheapo has made many, many trips to CVS each week to see what she can "buy for free."
Let's see what McFrug found this week.

Wow! Look at all of that! Because Cheapo is running low on ECB's (that's Extra Care Bucks to you and me), she had to make 3 visits to CVS in order to get everything she wanted. By using her ECB's and coupons, she only paid $6.22 for everything pictured above! ($1.93 on trip 1 & $4.29 on trip 2) Wondering what she found on trip 3?

Nice Job Cheapo! *gives thumbs up and cheesy smile complete with "ding" sound* She only spent 35 cents this time! Wondering how you can play? Everything you need to know can be found here. Then, you too, can become a Cheapo McFrugalpants.

Stay tuned for the next edition of "Shopping Adventures!"


Michelle Pendergrass said...

McFrug. LOL! You crack me up!!

Toni said...

Hee hee :)

Almost time for another trip!!! P & G Brand saver should be here in the morning.