Saturday, April 12, 2008

Project Yellow: Take 2

"Sanity Garden"

A few years back, when my son was just a little guy, there were days when I literally felt I was going nuts. I didn't have much yard room for a traditional flower garden, so I decided to dig up a small, dinky area in which I entitled it my "Sanity Garden." Whenever I had "those days", I would head out there and look for my mind. There's something about cutting dead flowers, planting new ones or just smelling the dirt that is peaceful and satisfying to me.

I know you've noticed...but I've had to get in the way-back-machine and pull up a few old photos in order to participate in "Project Yellow" this week. Unfortunately, my camera is dead and I've failed to have back up power on hand. *hangs head* What a shame...I know. BUT, hope is on the way today! Can't wait to start snapping once again.

For more project participants, check out Anna's site!


Anna said...

I love the colors in this! Really great shot!

Carletta said...

Very nice - love the blue background!

Robert said...

Very nice flower. Great colors. The background works well with your image. Keep it up.

I've found digging through my archives stirs me up again. So no worries about finding past shots. You'll find it helps you I think. Charge up some batteries, and a few for back up, and shoot shoot shoot.

fishing guy said...

Toni: That flower has such beautiful colors. I like the ring of purple through the Yellow.

Michelle Pendergrass said...

Ooooh this is one pretty!

I love to garden too. Guess you probably could've guessed that,eh?

Lilli & Nevada said...

I love that flower and the center is so perfect

Gina said...

Beautiful subject and great shot, the soft background is gorgeous too! :O)