Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Project Yellow Jr.

"Lemon a la Mode" by Jake

Saved by the camera! Had some grocery shopping to do yesterday; a chore my 8 yr. old detestes. In the midst of his complaining, I remembered that my trusty camera was in my purse! Since he has been following along with Project Yellow, I decided this would be a perfect place for him to participate. Though many of the shots were blurry (he hasn't figured out the focus aspect yet), here are a few that I thought were post-worthy. I fell in love with the Lemon photo above. I may even print it, frame it, and put it in the kitchen :)

Funny how the whole perspective of photography changes when you are 4 ft. tall. Being sure most of these were happy accidents, I love how he captured some typical elements of photography: the contrast of the lemons, the lines of the summer squash leading to a splash of red and the framing of the corn meal with white. I just loved the fact that he could've cared less what people though about him taking pictures in the grocery store - future photographer on my hands?? If you feel led, please comment on his photos - he will be excited to read them. :)


Michelle Pendergrass said...

Man Jacob--YOU ROCK!!!!

Those are great pictures! Maybe you and Zane can take some today at the church and the park?!


JunieRose2005 said...

:) Very good yellow shots!

I bet he had fun doing these, too!


Secret Agent Mama said...

Jacob, I think you rocked this one, dude!

I just love the corn meal one. That's my fave, but they are all extraordinary! I take me camera with me to the grocery store. My kids balk. LOL

-Secret Agent Mama | Mishelle Lane Photography

christy said...

Great lemons! I love market-type shots with what I've come to term "multiplicity."

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting! = )

Carletta said...

I'd frame those lemons too!